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50th (Golden Jubilee) Anniversary of Grand Master Rajaguru

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About Grand Master Hanshi Rajaguru T. Ravindran

Manitha Neyar, Seva Ratna, Veera Ratna
Hanshi Rajaguru T. Ravindran M.A., M.S., M.I.B.R.
Founder | President | Grand Master
9th Dan Black Belt - Ku Dan
International Grand Champion - Gold Medalist
International Shotokan Karate-Do Organization - India / Canada

Grand Master Rajaguru's Parents

In the International Art of Martial Arts, International Shotokan Karate-Do Organization - India / Canada’s Founder, President and Grand Master, Hanshi Lion “Rajaguru” T. Ravindran has been dedicated to Martial Arts since 1965, and is well trained in Kalari, Silambam (Indian Traditional Martial Arts), Kick Boxing, Weapons Training, Judo, Kung-Fu, Karate, Gymnastics, Self-Defence Techniques, as well as Yoga and Meditation for controlling the mind, all of which he trained in India and Malaysia. In the year of 2015, he had successfully completed 50 years (Golden Jubilee Year) for his devotion and dedication in the Science of Martial Arts.

Rajaguru has organized many tournaments, special training camps, and seminars at the State, National and International level. He participated in the 1983 International Tournament conducted by KSPI in Malaysia, and won the Class ‘A’ First Championship (Gold Medalist) and International Grand Championship (Gold Medalist). He has also attained his 9th Dan Black Belt - Kudan, in karate which has been recognized by International Karate Organizations.

Rajaguru is the Honorary President of Committee Organizations of the Pan American Karate (COPAK) - Brazil, All India Director of Grand Masters Council - USA and is a member of the Lions Clubs International. Also his ISKO karate organization is affiliated to Karate Association of India.

Founder & Grand Master of Shotokan Do - Karate Speed Power
International Organization - Late Soke John Samson Dass
presenting the "International Grand Championship" Trophy (Gold Medal)
to Rajaguru

Rajaguru at the International Championships Tournament - Malaysia

In Rajaguru’s Martial Arts life, his father and his martial arts master, Late P. Thangappan was his first Guru (Master) who had trained him since 1965.  Moreover, he recalls from his memories the most important and respectable Martial Artists / Guides / Well Wishers for the success of his martial arts life at the National and International level are: Late Asan
Ezhumalai (Silambam / Boxing), Late Hayashi Gogen Yamaguchi (World Grand Master of Karate - Japan), Late Renshi Dr. R.V.T. Mani (India’s Father of Karate), Late Hing Sifu R. Shekhar (Founder & Grand Master of Mansuria Kung-Fu International), Late Soke John Samson Dass (Founder / President / Grand Master - Karate Speed Power International Shotokan - Do Organization - Malaysia), Late Dai Sensei Dr. Moses Thilak (Chairman of All India Karate - Do Federation - AIKF), O-Sensei Masami Tsuruoka (Canada’s Father of Karate), Late Soke Carlo Henke (Past President - International Karate Organization), Late Soke Eiji Ogasahara (Past Hon. President - International Karate Organization), and the promoters in Rajaguru’s martial arts life are: Late Pon. Paramaguru IPS (First Director General of Police - Tamil Nadu), Late J.C. Marwaha IOFS (General Manager - HVF - Heavy Vehicles Factory), Shri S. Ramaswamy IOFS (General Manager - OCF - Ordnance Clothing Factory), Shri Ravikumar Paul (Advocate - Chennai High Court), Shri J. S. David (Correspondent of Nazareth Schools & College), Rotarian Shri R.K. Bakshi (Prop. D.K. Chemicals - Mumbai), Late Asan P.G. Ramu (Stunt Master), and Rajaguru’s brother R. Senthilkumar (International Sole Representative - ISKO).

Rajaguru with Late M.G. Ramachandran, Chief Minister
Tamil Nadu State - India & Great Cine Artist

Rajaguru receiving the "International Best Achiever in Karate"
award from Former President of India
Late Hon. Shri R. Venkataraman when he was a Defence Minister
on behalf of OFB - Ordnance Factories Board

Rajaguru carrying his old age ill mother with love and care,
along with him, is his elder sister Mrs. Lakshmi Devi

"Best Karate Demonstrator" presented to Rajaguru by
Deborah Danis, Director, Toronto Tax Service, Revenue Canada

Honourable Tamil Nadu Minister Mrs. S. Gokula Indira
(Minister of Handlooms & Textiles) was presented with the
Memorable Award for inaugurating the 15th National Karate Tournament - 20115
on behalf of Rajaguru's 50th year (Golden Jubilee) in Martial Arts

Rajaguru has taught his martial arts classes to many students in school s and colleges, as well as to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Tamil Nadu Special Police (TSP), and their children. Moreover, while he was working at the Ordnance Clothing Factory, he taught his (Karate) Martial Arts classes at many Ordnance Factories (Ministry of Defence) to the employees and officials as well as to their children.

While he was working, in the 1983 International Karate Tournament that took place in Malaysia, for participating and winning the “International Grand Championship” (Gold Medalist) he was appreciated by Former President Late Hon. Shri R. Venkataraman when he was a Defence Minister and awarded Rajaguru with the “International Best Achiever in Karate” award on behalf of Ordnance Factories Board.

Shihan Karate R. Thiagarajan (President: Karate Association of India)
presented Rajaguru with the Memorable Award for his Service in Martial Arts

Since 1970 for Rajaguru’s service in Martial Arts and for his involvement in Social Service he received many awards from elders, distinguished high officials, doctorates, martial arts organizations, and social service organizations, such as: “Rajaguru” “Kind Heartedness”
“Messenger of Peace” “Seva Ratna - True Symbol of Social Service” “Jambavan” “Karate Star” “Maha Aishwaryam” “Best Social Worker” “Manitha Neyar - Best Humanitarian” “Best Guide in Life for Youth” “Veera Ratna - True Symbol of Braveness” “Best National Integrator” “Best Chief Technical Director” “Best National Sports Man” and etc. Also appreciating Rajaguru at the International level in countries like Canada, U.S.A., Malaysia, he received awards such as: “Excellency in Martial Arts” “Best Karate Demonstrator” “Best Lifetime Achievement” “Best Civic Leadership” and etc.

Starting from Left:
(1) Rajaguru's father, his first Martial Arts Guru (Master) Late Asan P. Thangappan
(2) Rajaguru with World Grand Master of Karate Late Hayashi Gogen Yamaguchi - Japan
(3) Late Soke Carlo Henke - Past President of International (Karate) Martial Arts Organization
(4) Late Soke Eiji Ogasahara - Past Hon. President of International (Karate) Martial Arts Organization

Rajaguru wanting to spread the pride of martial arts that originated in India, to youth in other countries, through his martial arts classes, has been teaching students martial arts with spirituality and has been guiding them in the right path, since 1994 in Canada.

Rajaguru receiving the "Best Humanitarian for Human Rights"
award from Mr. R. Nataraj, IPS, State Human Rights Commission
& Director of Vigilance Division on behalf of
All India Human Rights Protection Trust

"Best Chief Technical Director" awarded to Rajaguru by
Late Dai Sensei Dr. Moses Thilak,
Chairman - All India Karate-Do Federation  AIKF

Furthermore for the development of martial arts and for the development of spirituality he has travelled to countries such as: U.S.A., Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Dubai and etc.

"Best Grand Master of Karate" awarded to Rajaguru by
Late Pon. Paramaguru IPS, Director General of Police - Tamil Nadu
& Hon. Justice P. Bhaskaran, Former Judge, High Court, Chennai - India

"Best National Integrator" awarded to Rajaguru by
Hon. Justice K. Swamy Durai, Former Judge, High Court, Chennai - India /
Member of the Human Rights Commission, Tamil Nadu

He says the reason for his martial arts involvement is God’s grace, Parents blessings, and revolutionary leader (Puratchi Thalaivar) M.G.R.’s movie fight scenes and his social service, which he watched during his childhood that determined him to learn martial arts and do social service.

Rajaguru receiving the "Lifetime Achievement" award on
behalf of ISKF - U.S.A. from Hon. Mr. Robert Garagiola,
Maryland State Senate, U.S.A.

Rajaguru receiving the "Civic Leadership" award on behalf
of U.S.A. Washington D.C.'s Tamil Organization from
Mr. Isiah Leggett, Montgomery County Executive

Rajaguru who keeps his thoughts and characters on both his hand fingers, has on his right hand five fingers, Mother, Father, Guru (Teacher), God and Family as his thoughts, and has on his left hand five fingers, Love, Patience, Calmness, Discipline, and Braveness as his characters, says promisingly when we keep both these hands together on our chest and bow to people, if we keep True Love in one eye and True Service in the other eye, than we would be able to realize True Spirituality.

"Best Sportsman" award presented to Rajaguru by
Shri V.V. Karmarkkar, ADGOF, OFB, on behalf of Sports Club
of OCF, with Shri. S. Ramaswamy, IOFS, General Manager - OCF, Avadai, Chennai

Shri J.S. David, Correspondent of Nazareth Schools & College with
Grand Master Rajaguru and his students Renshi N. Balakrishnan,
Renshi R. Baskar, Renshi R. Paranthaman, Renshi K.G. Manoj,
Sensei P. Srinivasan, and Renshi Kayalini - Canada

He states in our lives Truth will go through testing, sorrow, tough times, losses and even failures. But we should not let that put us down, rather we should think that “Truth Never Dies” and leave everything in our lives up to God and live peacefully.

Rajaguru demonstrating Mental & Physical strength by Balancing a Vehicle on his Body

Rajaguru demonstrating to kick two people with flying kick (double flying kick)

Rajaguru further stated: “For Parents their Children are their lifetime true treasure. For Children their Education is their lifelong true treasure. In order to keep these two treasures safe, you should find the right Guru (Teacher) for their children, to get precise thoughts, self-control, complete self-confidence, fulfilled wisdom to live peacefully along with education, so they can serve their family and the society and live prosperously with God’s grace and their Parents blessings.

Honourable Tamil Nadu Minister S. Abdul Rahim (Minister for Backward Classes & Minorities Welfare)
presented Rajaguru with the Memorable Award appreciating Rajaguru's 50th year "Golden Jubilee Year" in Martial Arts and his Social Service towards Martial Arts

Youth are very talented and have a lot of affection, but to develop them in a good way it is the Parents and the Guru’s responsibility.

If our thoughts are good, than our actions will be good. If our actions are good, than our life will be good. If our life is good, than we will attain peace.  Once we attain peace, than we will be able to realize God.

Rajaguru with Late Renshi Dr. R.V.T. Mani - India's Father of Karate

Rajaguru with O-Sensei Masami Tsuruoka - Canada's Father of Karate

Rajaguru with Late Hing Sifu R. Shekhar - India's Father of Kung-Fu

Therefore, instead of thinking what others are doing for us, we should realize others soul, and show true love and do true service for them. The amount of true service one does for their parents, and similarly the amount of happiness we give to others, are the two actions that will only reach to God, and can also make us live with discipline as a good citizen, which I can assure with full faith.”

Rajaguru receiving the "Best Grand Master of Karate" award from
Shri Pattiala, IOFS, (General Manager - HVF - Heavy Vehicles Factory)

The students that learn from him keep as a goal and follow the path of spirituality and do social service for the country and its people. Rajaguru, according to his ability has been helping poor children and weaker section people for both food and education.

Rajaguru demonstrating flying kick, when being attacked with a knife

We, Rajaguru’s students are proud and happy to say that our Master has True Love as his only goal and has been helping many people internationally in every possible way he can and has brought great amount of pride to our country.

Rajaguru demonstrating Knung-Chuck (Weapon) techniques

Rajaguru demonstrating Sai (Weapon) techniques

Rajaguru demonstrating Tonfa (Weapon) techniques

Rajaguru demonstrating a flying kick